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Martini Glasses

Martini Glasses – Lolita Cocktail Glasses & Martini Glass Gifts

Cocktail glasses are synonymous with having fun and sharing laughter with friends whilst sipping colourfully named concoctions of spirits, juice and ice, and frequently decorated with various accessories. Martini glasses are also known as cocktail glasses. The martini glass is characterised by its slender stem topped by an open flute shaped bowl allowing the aromatic ingredients of the cocktail to easily reach the nose. Our carefully selected cocktail glass range includes the popular contemporary Jazz, Salsa and Malika designs by LSA. The Bar Cocktail glasses by LSA are simple but stylish and always a favourite with our customers. If you are looking for a gift, look no further than our Lolita Cocktail glasses. Each Lolita cocktail glass is decorated with a hand-painted themed design with humorous names including Red Hot Tini, Shopaholic, Who Needs a Man and Happy Birthdaytini. Each collectable Lolita glass has a cocktail recipe painted on its base and is supplied in a striking gift box making Lolita Martini Glasses the perfect giftware choice for a birthday or Christmas present.