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Champagne Glasses, Saucers and Champagne Flutes

If you have something to celebrate, why not do it in style, just pop the cork and fill those champagne glasses with a quality champagne or sparkling wine. Forever Crystal’s carefully selected champagne glass collection will help any celebration go with a fizz and a bang. We offer a wide choice of stunning modern champagne flutes such as Moya, to more traditional cut crystal champagne glasses, or our new range of Diamante Collection champagne glasses decorated with real Swarovski Elements perfectly conceived to add some sparkle to your bubbly.

If you prefer to sip champagne from a champagne saucer or bowl, several of our LSA collections include this ever popular glass. As with the white wine glass, a good champagne glass will have a long stem so it doesn't have to be held by the bowl, helping your champagne to stay cool to the last sip.