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Crystal Decanters

Crystal Decanters

Whiskey, Wine & Spirit Decanter Sets+

Traditionally, the term crystal decanter has been used to describe a decanter made from at least 24% lead crystal. Nowadays you will also see the word 'crystal' used to describe decanters which have no lead content in them at all, these are sometimes known as 'lead-free'' crystal decanters, crystalline or crystallite decanters.

Although lead crystal glass has been around since 1674, it continues to be produced due to the brilliance and sparkling effect that is produced by the cut decoration of crystal decanters and other crystal glassware.

Our selection of crystal decanters are all made from 24% lead crystal glass, some are cut with a traditional facetted design such as the Galleon Crystal Decanter Set, whilst the more contemporary designs are plain such as our Severn Whisky Decanter.

A decanter always makes a great practical and decorative gift highly suitable for an award presentation, retirement or leaving present, or Christmas gift for a special person in your life. For this reason our entire crystal decanter collection is beautifully offered in our own luxury black satin lined presentation gift boxes.

A crystal decanter can be used for storing and decanting a wide range of spirits such as whisky, brandy and rum, with some crystal decanters more suited for serving sherry and wine. One of the most striking decanters is the Galleon Crystal Ships Decanter characterised by its wide flat base an long narrow neck.

Many of our crystal whiskey decanters are also combined with tumbler glasses to create our popular crystal decanter sets. Our slate tray crystal decanter sets are stunning decorative pieces which also allow you to easily carry your decanter and tumbler glasses to your favourite chair. All of the crystal decanters and decanter sets can be gift wrapped and despatched directly to a friend or loved one ... how easy is that?