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Corkscrews – Waiter's Friend Corkscrew & Professional Bottle Openers

Choosing the right corkscrew can make opening and presenting your wine much easier. Corkscrew design has evolved from the simple pull type models of the ever popular Waiter’s Friend corkscrew, through to the more recent lever corkscrews which can remove a cork with one or two easy pulls. Waiter’s friend corkscrews are simple to use and compact in design, using a 2-step system to easily remove the cork from the bottle. Self pulling table model corkscrews require almost no pulling. Lever style corkscrews are very efficient, with a comfortable easy to use "trigger grip" handle which allow a cork to be removed with little effort. We also have a comprehensive range of other Wine Accessories including foil cutters, wine pumps, pourers, thermometers and wine journals. If you need help to buy the right type of corkscrew our team will be pleased to help.