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Personalised Crystal Decanter Sets

Decanters are both functional and decorative, perfect for presenting and serving wine, whisky and other spirits. A personalised crystal decanter set by Forever Crystal is a top choice for a retirement gift, long service award, golf presentation, birthday or Christmas present.

We offer crystal decanters of various styles to suit all tastes, budgets and purposes including crystal whisky decanters, ships decanters and wine decanters. Most of our decanters can be personalised with a diamond engraved inscription marking a special time for the recipient, which when presented creates a gift which will bring back memories for many years to come.

Personalised Crystal Whisky Decanter Sets

Our decanter set collection combines some of our lovely crystal decanters with matching tumblers in a stunning quality presentation box. Crystal Whisky Decanter Sets make a fabulous gift for a birthday or Christmas, and are highly suitable for a retirement or leaving present. If you're looking for a slightly quirky decanter gift, then take a look at our Personalised Quadro Whisky Decanter Set. With its twisted profile this engraved decanter set is certainly unusual. If you prefer a more traditional decanter, then our Buckingham Crystal Whisky Decanter Set made from 24% lead crystal is cut with a timeless design. Many of our decanter sets are supplied in luxury satin-lined presentation boxes with a choice of 2 or 4 matching whisky tumblers which can also be engraved upon request.

Slate, Decanter and Tumbler Sets

Our slate tray decanter sets designed by, and exclusive to Forever Crystal, combine the natural style of contemporary glass with the raw ruggedness of hand finished slate. The Buckingham and Quadro Slate Tray Decanter Sets are both functional, stunning and desirable decorative pieces, perfect for a special birthday, Christmas or award presentation.

Crystal Ships Decanters

Probably one of the most iconic and recognisable pieces of glassware is the Ships Decanter which is characterised by its wide flat base and long narrow neck, traditionally used for storing whisky, rum or brandy onboard the old wooden sailing ships. Our Galleon Crystal Ships Decanter is a fine example and is a beautifully presented gift.

Crystal Wine Decanters

We also offer a lovely selection of wine decanters. One of our favourites are the Lovers Decanters, two intertwined decanters nestling together in an embrace. They can be used as wine decanters or for spirits, and with a personalised inscription engraved on each Lovers Decanter they make a fabulous personal wedding gift or engagement present.

Crystal Whisky Tumblers

If you wish to buy a set of crystal whisky tumblers without a decanter, we offer a great selection of tumblers in presentation boxed pairs and sets of 6, with a choice of both traditional crystal whisky glasses and contemporary designs.

Our Decanter Promise

With our long established reputation for providing beautiful quality glassware and excellent customer service, Forever Crystal is a name you can trust to deliver your personalised decanter and crystal decanter sets, nicely gift wrapped, to your door the very next day ... not many companies can promise that!

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  1. Admiralty Crystal Whisky Decanter
    Admiralty Crystal Whisky Decanter Gift
    Special Price £79.95 Regular Price £99.95
  2. Engraved Pyramid Decanter
    Engraved Pyramid Decanter
    Special Price £69.95 Regular Price £89.95
  3. LSA Ships Decanter (1 Litre)
    LSA Ships Decanter
    Special Price £30.00 Regular Price £65.00
  4. Personalised 5pc Lead Crystal Spirit Decanter Set with Inscription and/or Logo
    Personalised Buckingham Crystal 5-Piece Whisky Decanter Set
    Special Price £117.95 Regular Price £199.95
  5. Personalised Severn Crystal Spirit Decanter
    Personalised Severn Crystal Spirit Decanter
    Special Price £74.95 Regular Price £119.95
  6. Personalised Buckingham Crystal Decanter with Engraved Message
    Personalised Buckingham Crystal Whisky Decanter |Satin Box
    Special Price £79.95 Regular Price £129.95
  7. Buckingham Square Crystal Whisky Decanter in Presentation Gift Box
    Square Buckingham Crystal Whisky Decanter
    Special Price £69.95 Regular Price £99.95
  8. Sharon Wine Decanter
    Sharon Wine Decanter
    Special Price £65.00 Regular Price £135.00
  9. Buckingham Crystal 5-Piece Decanter Presentation Boxed Gift Set
    Buckingham Square Whisky Decanter Set
    Special Price £99.95 Regular Price £169.95
  10. Personalised Large Quadro Spirit Decanter
    Personalised Large Quadro Spirit Decanter
    Special Price £74.95 Regular Price £94.90
  11. Square Crystal Whisky Decanter Set | Westmore
    Personalised 5-Piece Crystal Brandy Decanter Set
    Special Price £117.95 Regular Price £199.95

Items 1-32 of 56

per page
Set Descending Direction