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Quality glassware sets for dining, entertaining & special occasion gifts, all with next day delivery. Most products are presentation boxed including wine & champagne glasses, prosecco & gin glasses, whisky tumblers and beer glasses.

There are many shapes and styles of glassware, each designed for a different type of drink. Similarly, the composition of the actual glass itself may vary, traditionally drinkware being made from lead crystal glass, with nowadays, more lead-free or crystalline glassware being produced. Whatever your favourite tipple, we’re sure you will find the perfect glassware for you.

Wine Glasses

Many glassware ranges now offer a universal wine glass, suitable for serving both red and white wines. However, our Speymore Crystal range, as is tradition, still offers a larger wine glass for red wine, and a slightly smaller wine glass for white wine.

Champagne Glasses

Glasses for serving champagne and sparkling wines are probably the most distinctive of all glassware types. It’s really down to personal preference whether enjoy the elegance of the grand champagne saucer with its shallow bowl filled to the brim with bubbly, or the taller slender champagne flute characterised by streams of bubbles rising from the base of the champagne glass.

Whisky Glasses

The whisky glass or tumbler as it is frequently called is usually a flat bottomed straight sided glass which in fact can be used for serving most spirits, not only whisky. We offer a wide range of whiskey glasses both individually boxed and optionally engraved, and in sets.

Highball Glasses

Highball glasses or tall tumblers are multipurpose drinking glasses, frequently used for serving spirits, mixers, juices and even water. We offer both traditional design and contemporary highball tumbler glasses both in pairs and larger glassware sets.

Brandy Glasses

Brandy seems to have undergone a revival in recent years which allows us to appreciate the delights of the distinctive traditional balloon shaped brandy glass. Although brandy glasses have a short stem, they are typically held by cupping the bowl itself, in theory, to impart warmth from the hand to the brandy inside the glass. We offer some lovely brandy glass sets which include both oak and slate trays which make fantastic presentation gifts.

Beer Glasses

Although beers can be served in a wide variety of glasses, there are two distinct types, the traditional handled tankard often used for serving ales, or the tall straight sided beer or lager glass used in most pubs. The beer tankard is our particular favourite, a classic design, and a perfect gift for Father’s Day or a best man gift.

Gin Glasses

During the past 5 years or so, the popularity of Gin and the taste for Craft Gins has created an explosion in demand for stylish Gin Glasses. The traditional Balloon Gin Glass has a large bowl and long stem although Gin Tumbler Glasses also make a popular and universal alternative. A refreshing Gin and Tonic possibly garnished with fruit and ice are a great accompaniment to any meal or social occasion.

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  1. LSA Handmade Opal Tealights | Set of 4
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  2. Blenheim Crystal Wine Glasses | Set of 6
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  3. Golf Ball Tankard | 19th Tee Golfing Gift
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  4. Diamante Balloon Gin Glass | Spiral
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  5. Quadro Spirit Tumbler Pair Gift Boxed
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  6. Spiral Prosecco Glasses | Gift Boxed Pair
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Items 1-32 of 140

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