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Wine Decanters

Wine Decanters

Serve Your Wine With Style+

Wine decanters remain the elegant way to present and serve wine. Not only is a cut crystal wine decanter functional, it is also a decorative piece of glassware. Many of Forever Crystal’s glassware ranges include matching wine decanters to give the dining table a coordinated look. All of our wine decanters are handmade and we offer a fantastic choice of styles, design and colour. Our Alto and Westmore crystal wine decanters are very popular and form part of large collections of crystal glass giftware.

If you prefer a plain glass decanter, our Dartington Crystal and LSA wine decanters offer a choice of contemporary and traditional styling. The Dartington Directors Decanter is a long standing favourite with our customers, as is the Julia Wine Decanter Collection from LSA where the decanter is finished in a choice of plain, platinum or gold neck. All of our wine decanters can be engraved with an inscription, making the perfect quality gift for a wedding, anniversary, sports award, trophy, birthday or Christmas present.