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Home Accessories

Home Accessories | Crystal Candle Holders, Tealights & Lanterns

Forever Crystal has carefully selected a range of lighting accessories to enhance the enjoyment of your home and garden including candle holders, tealights and lanterns. Strategically placed tea lights, candleholders and lanterns can create an ambiance in which to relax or entertain. Clusters of tealights can be used in a room to light the shadows and combined with a Storm lantern to create accent lighting. Storm lanterns and Terrace lanterns are particularly popular for outdoor entertaining, their taller form protecting the candle flame from the gentle summer evening breeze. Crystal candle holders look stunning on the dining table particularly when combined with matching drink glassware. Our crystal candleholders incorporate apertures which accept various candle sizes. A candle holder, tealight or lantern is both a practical and decorative gift suitable for any celebratory occasion. If you need help to decide which tealight, candle holder or lantern to buy, our friendly Forever Crystal team will be happy to advise.