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Crystal Vases – Up to 40% Off Our Crystal Vase Collection

Cut crystal vases enhance the ambiance of a room particularly when located in a sun lit window, or similarly bright location. All of our crystal vases are handmade from 24% lead crystal, cut by craftsmen using traditional time served techniques. The beauty of a crystal vase is created by the lead within the glass which bend the light creating lovely refractions and colour.

Our carefully chosen collection of crystal vases can be used as decorative focal points or displayed with lovely flower stems and larger arrangements. The flared crystal vase allows flower stems to fall naturally into position creating a beautiful and natural arrangement. A barrel vase with its narrower neck draws flower stems together producing a tighter arrangement and if perfect for flower arranging. With a choice of medium and large size crystal vases, Forever Crystal has a vase gift for every occasion. Don’t forget to check out our Glass Vases Collection

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